Frequently asked questions

Do your products contain peanuts?

Our Roasted Nuts and Fudge do not contain nuts. Both are made in a peanut free facility.

Do you have Gluten Free options?

Yes, our Roasted Nut, Brittle, Candy Patties and most of our Fudge* are Gluten Free. *(Cookies and Cream fudge does contain gluten)

Do you have Dairy Free Options?

Yes. Our Roasted Nuts*, Brittle and Candy Patties are Dairy Free. *(Chocolate Nuts do contain Dairy)

Do your products contain eggs?

No. We do not have any products that contain eggs.

What is your refund policy?

If your product was damaged or incorrect, please contact us within 5 days of receiving your order. We do not accept any partially consumed products.

Do you have Vegan Options?

Yes. Our Brittle, Candy Patties and Roasted Nuts are vegan, with the exception of Maple Bacon and Chocolate items.

What type of payments do you accept?

All major credit cards and Pay Pal.