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About Us

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We are a small family owned business from the great state of Texas. All of our recipes are family secrets that have been passed down for generations. We take great pride in our Candied Praline Nuts, Brittle, Fudge and Candy Patties.

In 2010 our family started out in malls and then transitioned into fairs and festivals. We love being able to travel around the country, experiencing unique places and interesting people. We've traveled from the NY State Fair to the South Dakota State Fair, as well as many others in between. We are proud to be  apart of the LARGEST State Fair in the country, the STATE FAIR OF TEXAS! You can also find us at several Army and Air Force Bases. We are humbled to serve the soldiers that serve our country.

We make sure you have the freshest products available.  The day you order, is the day your product is made. We ship within 1 business day in resealable bags to ensure freshness. Our products are made with Non GMO ingredients. All of our Candied Praline Nuts, Spicy Nuts, Brittle, and Candy Patties are gluten free and most of our products are vegan.

YOU are the reason small businesses succeed and we thank you! We hope y'all  enjoy our Candied Nuts, Brittle, Fudge and Candy Patties as much as we enjoy making them for you! HAVE A NUTTY DAY!!!

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